Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer



As a consultant, I can work with you in several ways.

1. Changing Mindsets 

Having been to more than 100 small towns, there are few people who have developed this type of “boots on the ground” experience and expertise. I have become an advocate for small towns, espousing the need for these communities not just to survive, but to thrive.

Changing Mindsets involves a two-day visit to a town or region, followed by a strategy day session with community members.

A full report of my findings is then delivered.

2. Discover the Path

I discover a town’s assets and the community’s strengths through a visit and conversations. Through a boots-on-the-ground approach I can provide feedback as to what is working now and what will work in the future when it comes to tourism.

Looking at what’s available now and what can be, I will assess “Quality of Life” for those living in a place currently, and how attractive a place is to a relocating outside workforce and/or visitors, whether that be a traditional tourist or those who touch the town through a variety of ways (trucking, business, traveler). 

Discover the Path work may lead to Changing Mindsets work in the future.

Hourly or project rates will apply depending on needs and implementation.

Surveys alone do not reflect the true feelings of people who live in these towns. The citizens must feel as though they are part of the discussion if we want them to engage and feel love for their town.


– Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer