Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

Speaker, Consultant, Writer

Make Your Town Extraordinary

How would you like to


Discover your town’s hidden assets.

Create a positive image of your town.

Change mindsets.


I help town citizens become proud of their community and realize its full potential.

As a speaker, consultant, and longtime writer, I help this happen through a boots-on-the-ground approach. I will visit, analyze, and reflect on the ways your town and/or community can be both a place citizens love and a place visitors want to visit.

As the Mayor of HeidiTown, and a freelance writer, I have been on the road for 16 years, visiting more than 100 small towns around Colorado and beyond. Few people have developed this boots-on-the-ground expertise.

I enjoy every place I visit, but I have identified one significant and prevalent sentiment that can be detrimental to a town, and that is apathy among citizens.

Together, let’s identify those assets that make a town great. I want to create a mind shift. I want residents to love where they live.


What comes first, happy residents or visitors?

It starts with the residents of a town.

Success starts at ground level.

This isn’t economic development and this isn’t tourism; it is that sweet spot that inspires pride in place so that when they come, whether as a new resident or as a visitor, they are happy to be there.

– Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer